Test Plan Management Software: Features, Benefits, And More

Test planning of software and products is often time-consuming and includes access to resources. Today, the software industry grows quickly, and engineers and product managers prioritize optimizing the testing process. According to Market Research Future, the global test software market is projected to reach $4.2 Billion by 2023 at a projected CAGR rate of 19.23. Another thing besides saving time is the proper management of the testing processes, which is possible with the help of test plan management software. 

With the help of this software, you can easily manage the design, execute test plans, and generate documents as per your needs. If you are looking to upgrade your test planning process, it’s time to switch to the software. This blog will discuss test plan software and how it optimizes your test plan management processes.

What Is Test Plan Management Software?

Simply put, test plan software allows you to manage the day-to-day complex testing processes, including creating the test cases to capture the final results in a document form. A test plan management software is designed to boost the test planning process to minimize errors to improve the final results. 

One of the significant advantages of using this software is that it enables the auto-management of the existing testing plans and offers advanced insights into the software and product under the testing process. For the software testers and Quality Assurance team, test plan management software helps manage the various testing-related challenges efficiently.

Features Of A Software For Test Plan Management

One of the crucial steps in software and production is aligning the testing process. When you plan the initial phase of the test cases, it takes your time at each step. A test plan management software includes all the essential features needed to create and manage an outstanding test plan to complete the software testing process successfully. From big enterprises to software startups, new-age software has been utilized widely to plan a testing process. Here are the features of test plan management software:

1- Simplify the Manual Process

One of the great features included in the test plan management software is the automation that will save you time. This software aims to eliminate errors when designing and executing test cases. In addition, a feature of auto-generating reports offers more precise results than a manual testing process. By using test plan management software, you can reduce the manual process of test planning to a large extent.

2- Drag N Drop 

Software designed for test plan management includes features like drag-drag, move, and copy-paste for test cases and groups. It allows users to modify and arrange the test plans at their convenience. Furthermore, you also get various templates for the test plans, which you can apply to different applications. A test plan management software like TestForma includes features that might not be present in other software.

3- Offline Testing

The offline testing mode in the software for test plan management is one of the underrated features that allows users to create and execute the test plan without the Internet. It is specially designed for those software or product testers who perform the test planning and management process at a remote location. With the offline mode, you can perform essential tasks anywhere and anytime.

4- Compatibility For Cross-Platform

The compatibility of the cross-platform is a demanding feature for any test plan management software. You can easily use this software if you have a Windows, MacOS PC, tablet, or smartphone. The best part of this cross-platform compatibility is that all your data is synced automatically, and you can access the previously planned test from any device.

5- Modern Test Plan Tools

A test plan management software has modern test plan and management tools needed to perform the testing process efficiently. Unlike other web-based and universal test plan tools, it includes advanced pragmatic test plan management tools that aim to simplify the manual testing process. With the help of test plan software, you can group test cases, apply rules, and share auto-generated reports with your team members.

Benefits Of Using Test Plan Management Software

For any software testing professional, bringing efficiency to the test planning and management process is essential. Whether your goal is time-saving or optimizing the whole process, test plan management software aids you at every step. Here are the top benefits of using software for test planning and management:

Better Test Coverage

When you perform manual test planning, you are limited to time and resources. On the other hand, test plan and management software allow you to run multiple tests simultaneously, which results in better test coverage.

Reduced Costs

Cost-saving is one of the most significant advantages of using test planning tool. Since this software includes an automation feature that reduces the chances of getting errors in the final testing process, by doing test plan management software, you can reduce the cost of resolving the defects in the future.

Traceability And Reporting

It allows you better traceability of the test cases and reports during the test management process. You can easily manage and implement the feedback in the future test planning process efficiently. Moreover, a traceability feature allows you to identify the areas of improvement in the testing process.

Choose The Best Test Plan Management Software

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