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Throughout many years of industry experience, we have observed countless times products, systems and software being tested with improvisational and informal approaches. The so-called ad hoc testing is applied usually to reduce time and cost spent on testing. However, such methods always fail to provide repeatable and sufficient test coverage results. Simply put, ad hoc testing frequently fails to catch bugs and issues making the integrity of the whole testing process questionable. As a result, when businesses rely on ad hoc testing, they end up putting the verification and validation burden on end users via beta versions, unstable releases etc. This workflow undermines product integrity as well as brand reputation. In addition, it is impossible to document and prove due diligence with ad hoc testing. So even if the job is done right, there is no formal way to demonstrate that.

Enjoy Streamlined User Acceptance Testing With TestForma

Companies that work on safety- critical systems spend an enormous amount of time and effort to design, maintain, execute and document well-structured test plans to make sure their products meet all relevant safety standards and are tested with necessary and sufficient due diligence. Some rely on Word or Excel, and some use very expensive software tools for test plan management. We want to change all that with TestForma. 

After suffering many occasions of stressful testing experience for years in a variety of industries, we decided to create the best acceptance testing software solution, and developed TestForma. TestForma provides capabilities to design, execute and document test plans efficiently as an integrated acceptance testing software solution to make testing easier for applications of all scales. 

With TestForma, you will be enabled to employ structured and methodical testing procedures while keeping acceptance testing time and cost-efficient. As a result, your end users will get more stable releases, and your brand reputation will be elevated. And if you regularly commit huge amounts of time and resources on testing safety critical applications, then with TestForma you will enjoy the benefits of efficiency as your cost and time spent on acceptance testing will be significantly reduced.

How TestForma Simplifies Acceptance Testing

TestForma simplifies acceptance testing by achieving three goals exceptionally well: Design, execute and document test plans. Our philosophy is to keep things simple – we believe a cleverly-designed user interface and a flexible workflow are the keys to an efficient acceptance testing software solution. As such, the entire feature set of TestForma is designed and built around a user-friendly, self-evident, and simple GUI. The testing workflow is designed to be adaptable to different product development strategies. Therefore, acceptance testing no longer needs to be a big chunk of time that you plan in your project schedule. With TestForma as your acceptance testing software tool, your acceptance testing process can be seamlessly integrated within product development, enabling you to allocate much less time for a high-confidence test execution before release.

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Streamlined Test Plan Design

Many teams perform acceptance testing as a waterfall process. You take your requirements, you create your test plan, and once the implementation or fabrication is complete, you execute your tests. When you find issues, you repeat the process all over. However, there is a significant difficulty in that approach. In today’s world products evolve at an extremely fast pace. New requirements are added, existing requirements are updated, new prototypes are produced and they need to be tested with up to date test plans rapidly and frequently. Therefore, it is impossible to make acceptance testing efficient with a waterfall approach. A well-designed acceptance testing software tool can, however, make acceptance testing an agile process to ensure test plans stay in sync with evolving product features throughout rapid development cycles.

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Efficiency Through Ease Of Use

TestForma allows you to create agile and adaptable test plans that can quickly evolve with your application. You can create your test plan as an outline as early as during requirements analysis. Then, just update your test plan progressively as your application matures through design and development. Add or insert tests simply with a click on your computer (or a tap on your tablet). Drag and drop to move and reorder your tests easily. Copy and paste to create new tests based on existing ones. Finally, keep your test plans in the same location or git repository together with your design and code files. TestForma is the easiest acceptance testing software solution for traceability, data security, change management, and HIPAA compliance. It is the acceptance testing software you need to design and maintain your test plans efficiently.

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Fast Execution of Test Plans

TestForma takes a simple yet powerful approach to minimize context switching during test execution. TestForma’s execution engine paces you through each test, prompts you step by step and automatically keeps track of the execution status. You can use your laptop or tablet to take notes and capture results while executing your test plan with TestForma. Thus, no more printing out test plan documents, marking them a pen, and scanning them into PDFs as test reports. TestForma, your efficient acceptance testing software, is your trustworthy partner to get you through test execution quickly and paper-free.

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Execute Your Tests With No Interruptions

One of the key features of TestForma is that it can operate in offline mode without the internet. This is very important because many professionals need to perform acceptance testing on a regular basis in environments with limited or no internet connectivity. Although high speed internet seems to be ubiquitous in daily life, it is just not the case in industrial environments. So whether you need to test an industrial robot in a manufacturing facility, a wind turbine at a remote location, a control console underground, or an autonomous vehicle on a test track, TestForma is the acceptance testing software you can rely on to test your application in offline mode to detect bugs and issues.

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Manage Multiple Instances of Execution

TestForma is an acceptance testing software tool that allows you to create and manage multiple instances of execution for the same test plan. This means you don’t have to overwrite your previous execution anymore to test a new prototype or a new version of your product. With multiple execution instances you can easily track changes and demonstrate progress in development, verify that issues are fixed between different prototype versions or releases. Multiple execution instances of your test plan can also correspond to different units of the same product or deployments of your embedded application on different hardware. As a distinguished acceptance testing software solution, TestForma allows you to manage all of your execution instances simultaneously and independently.

Auto-generated Test Plan Documents and Reports

Every business follows a different document format, requiring acceptance test results to be presented in specific ways. Many professionals print out a test plan before execution and fill a hard copy by hand. Then, they scan the hard copy as a PDF document to submit as the test report. Some people mark test plan documents on Word or Excel via a laptop or tablet during execution and suffer endless scrolling for large test plans, some of which can be on the order of thousands of pages for complex large scale systems. Few professionals use software tools to aid manual test execution, but then end up spending the same amount of time (if not more) to struggle with slow and complicated user interfaces. Some acceptance testing software tools offer auto-generated reports, but users typically end up spending extra time to adjust the content and formatting of the auto-generated document to their company-specific guidelines and standards. What is the point of auto-generation if you have to spend extra time to “fix” the generated document?

Auto-Generate Your Test Reports In Your Desired Format

TestForma is the acceptance testing software solution that puts an end to all of these documentation problems. Our tool frees you from dealing with the mess of printed out documents and the burden of scrolling through large documents on a screen during test execution. The document generation capabilities of TestForma are fully customizable to the extent that auto-generated documents can fully match your company-internal formatting standards. Thus, you won’t have to touch documents at all after generation. Just execute your tests and, when you are ready, generate your test report with a simple click and save it on your computer as a PDF, Word or Excel file.

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