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Do you spend endless hours testing your products and still unable to manage your test plans effectively? You should try TestForma best test plan tool – an outstanding test plan management tool for developers, engineers, and quality assurance professionals. With TestForma you can easily design and maintain test plans, execute tests, and generate documents.

Put an end to outdated, disorganized, and messy test plans! Use TestForma – a cleverly designed test plan software solution to simplify your testing operations!

Many industries such as manufacturing, automotive, entertainment, IT and medical devices operate at a tremendously rapid pace nowadays, resulting in fast-evolving complex products, systems and software. Testing is a huge drain on time and resources in such an environment. TestForma is here to solve your testing inefficiency problems with a lightweight and easy-to-use test plan management tool.

Save time and money with a collaborative test plan management software tool – TestForma and say goodbye to archaic, arduous and tiresome testing processes.

A Test Plan Tool Like No Other – TestForma

TestForma is the preeminent test plan software for straightforward management of your test plans. We offer an exemplary approach based on our many years of first-hand experience in testing complex products and large-scale systems. We focus on three goals: design, execution, and documentation of test plans. TestForma achieves these goals with a lightweight and incredibly easy-to-use software solution. It provides seamless integration of creation, execution, and documentation of your test plans so that you progress easily through your testing workflow.

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Manual Testing Made Easy

For a seemingly straightforward task, testing can be an incredible drain on time and resources. TestForma – the leading test plan software is here to simplify manual testing for you. TestForma is a distinguished test plan management software, eliminating the laborious and untidy parts of testing. No more typing hundreds of pages on Word, no more filling out test results with a pen on printed out document. With TestForma all you have to do is to design your test plan, let the execution engine help you while you run your tests, and auto-generate your reports! TestForma is the test plan management software that provides the testing efficiency you need to not fall behind the modern agile development cycles.

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Easy In, Easy Out!

TestForma’s primary objective is to make test plan management simple and efficient. That’s what differentiates TestForma from universal tools such as Word, Excel or other web-based test plan tools for the tech-savvy. Creating, updating, and reusing test groups and tests is a breeze in TestForma with its fast, simple and touch-friendly user interface. We offer a modern pragmatic test plan tool that is focused on simplifying manual testing. 

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Drag’ n’ Drop For Results That Matter

TestForma provides the comfort of dragging and dropping, moving, copying, and pasting test groups and tests. That way, you can easily modify, reorganize and update your test plans. You can create template test plans and apply them across different applications. TestForma is the test plan tool you need to boost your productivity. 

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Available For Offline Testing!

Whether you are testing at a remote location, a manufacturing facility, inside a vehicle, or underground, TestForma is your leading test plan software that works blazing fast without a high-speed internet connection. You can always test offline and sync your data later in TestForma. Therefore, TestForma is the best test plan management software for your hardware, software and system testing needs regardless of your application domain.

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Aliases for Reusable Test Plans

Over years of experience, we have encountered many times the need to modify an existing test plan and apply it to a similar application. This has resulted in test plans that had many errors and caused a lot of confusion. We have finally addressed this challenge with aliases in TestForma. Just define an alias for any field that needs to be updated later and use the alias throughout your test plan. Then, you just need to update your alias definition to modify and use your test plan for another application. This feature enables you to put an end to error prone search and replace and lets you create template test plans that can easily be adjusted to specific application scenarios.

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Cross-platform Compatibility

TestForma is cross-platform. You can work on your test plan on a Windows or Mac computer, a tablet or even a smartphone. Your data across different devices will be synced automatically for you. That way, different people can run the same test plan simultaneously to test different parts of your product. 

Testing Made Simple With Step by Step Execution Engine

We have carefully designed and developed TestForma’s execution engine to minimize context switching software interactions.

TestForma’s execution engine walks you through each test step by step. The software tells you what to do sequentially based on your test steps and automatically keeps track of test execution status for you. Once you are done with all the steps of the current test, the execution engine simply moves on to the next test. When you quit execution and come back later, TestForma will save your progress and resume from where you left off. Moreover, TestForma allows you to create multiple execution instances for the same test plan. That way you can keep your dry runs, acceptance and functional testing of different versions together in one test plan. 

The execution engine in TestForma is a huge time saver, because your test plan tool works for you like a personal assistant to help quickly execute your test plan. As such, you will be able to get through your test plan much faster saving your company a lot of time and cost.

Collaboration Unified Under One Roof!

Being a developer or quality assurance professional, you understand the significance of efficient collaboration in a modern work environment. Not only does effective collaboration increase your productivity, but it also saves time and is essential for consistency across different teams. TestForma brings you everything under one roof! The learning curve of TestForma is smooth, so integrating it into your environment and collaborating with others is a simple transition. TestForma is a test plan document software that is compatible with git, facilitating collaboration between development and quality assurance teams. With TestForma, your test plans with stay in sync with your implementation and you will be able to demonstrable consistency between the two!

Manually Typing Up Your Test Plan Documents in Word or Excel? It is Auto-Generation Time

TestForma is a test plan tool that offers document generation for your test plans and reports. Whether you want a PDF, Word, or Excel file, TestForma can auto-generate your test plan documents for you. 

Auto-generation of test plan documents has many flexibility features in TestForma. You can select your preferred document type – word, pdf, or excel. You can add your company logo. You can adjust document headers and footers. Finally, you can create your custom document templates to match your company-internal formatting standards. TestForma, the best test plan tool in the market, will auto-generate your test plan documents using your custom template, so that your documents will comply with your company-specific formatting standards.

TestForma is the present and future of test plan management. From design to execution to documentation of your test plans, TestForma offers a user-friendly, integrated and efficient test plan management software solution.