Best-in-class Regression Testing Tool For A Stress-free Development

Technology is ever-evolving, and so are software/hardware and regression testing tools! There is always an updated version ready to implement. However, every time developers modify or bring changes to a product, there are high chances of unexpected consequences. That’s where regression testing is done to ensure that post-functional testing changes do not impede or hamper other functionalities of the application.

Regression testing is performed to assure that a system stays sustainable under continuous updates and improvements. Additionally, regression testing can detect software bugs and hardware issues in early-stage development, protecting businesses from those unwanted costs and maintenance efforts to address build-up defects after the domino effect on the product’s critical functional components. Regression testing tools like TestForma can help you streamline the mundane tasks of retesting the old features repeatedly. Schedule a demo now!

Regression Testing Made Easy Peasy With TestForma

Regression testing is integral to product development, but it has never been easy. When new features or changes are made to an existing application, the modifications are likely to cause errors and affect the system’s existing functionality. Regression testing is the way to ensure that new changes do not have any adverse side effects on existing capabilities. However, it requires more time and resources in addition to functional testing. Over the course of development, regression testing scope becomes bigger and more complicated, posing challenges to QA teams as product features snowball.

TestForma is a modern regression testing tool, designed with all the pain points and challenges in mind that testers and businesses face during regression testing. Centralizing and simplifying the regressing testing process, TestForma comes with a modular regression architecture that allows you to update test plans at any stage with no hassle.

What To Expect From TestForma – New-age Regression Testing Tool

Have you just modified the code to address a bug you identified in functional testing or earlier? Or, maybe you have just added a new feature to make your product better? How do you ensure that none of these changes will impact the existing functionality of your application? What about confirming backward compatibility? Testing existing functionality should never keep you up the whole night. TestForma is a professionally designed regression testing tool that you can use to take a full pass of your application quickly. With TestForma, you can easily form regression test groups and tests and execute them before releasing a new version every time. Never lose sleep due to the stress of testing. Execute your user acceptance tests, functional tests, and regression tests with TestForma, and enjoy simplified testing and rapid results.

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Software Regression Testing

Add your regression test groups into your functional test plan or create a standalone regression test plan for your application. Repeat your regression test execution after every upgrade or modification. Commit and push your test plans in your git repo to ensure they are synced to your implementation.

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System Integration Regression Testing

TestForma is a distinguished regression testing tool with its ability to streamline regression testing for integrated hardware and software systems. Whether your application is an industrial robot, a medical device, a theme park attraction or an aerospace component, TestForma can help you design and execute test plans quickly and auto-generate documentation easily.

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Templatized Regression Testing

Save your effort and get peace of mind by creating template regression test plans with TestForma. Use aliases to adjust your template test plan for any application. TestForma is the only regression testing tool that provides the capability to define and adjust aliases for template test plans.

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End-to-end Functionality For Regression Testing

Plan, execute, and modify your test plan at any stage of development with TestForma’s fully functional user interface. Get centralized access to updated test plans and execution results. Show progress of test execution anytime when needed. Generate Word, Excel or PDF documents with one click for your test reports. Enjoy full capability in offline mode when you don’t have an internet connection.

The TestForma Difference

Performing regression testing can be time-consuming for your QA team and expensive for your business. TestForma takes all the regression testing challenges off your plate so you can allocate more time and resources to innovative technical work.