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Create, Run and Document Your Test Plans Easily with TestForma!

Imagine your test plans designed, executed, and documented conveniently in one workspace. That is the value of TestForma – an innovative test management software application. Stop wasting time with outdated and disorganized processes. Streamline test case management with TestForma.

Test Management Made Simple

TestForma is the culmination of many years of first-hand experience in testing complex, integrated hardware and software applications... We developed TestForma as a complete test management tool after suffering the inefficiencies of archaic tools and processes on many different occasions and across different industries. Our goal is to simplify the testing process and help you focus on what matters the most – delivering bug-free products that are comprehensively tested.


Discover New Ways To Simplify Testing With TestForma

Test management is getting more challenging and expensive with increasing product complexity as well as iterative, agile and fast-paced development cycles. Creating comprehensive test plans, keeping them up to date, executing tests, tracking progress and documenting results are more time-consuming than ever. TestForma is an efficient, end-to-end software solution for test plan documentation, acceptance testing, functional testing, and regression testing. With TestForma, you can tremendously reduce your burden of testing activities via a user-friendly, lightweight and fast GUI... First, you can streamline test plan design by creating, and re-using your tests easily in TestForma. No need for Word or Excel, no need to scroll endlessly through your test plan document for a simple copy-paste. Then, you can quickly execute your tests with TestForma’s execution engine; so bon voyage to redlining hard copies and say hello to paper-free test execution. Moreover, TestForma automatically keeps track of execution status so that you can always monitor and demonstrate your progress at any time. Finally, you can auto-generate your test reports with your desired document formatting; with your logo, your headers and footers, your font and heading styles and so on. TestForma enables you to design, execute, monitor and document your test plans in a single workspace. Test efficiently with TestForma, and never miss a beat.

Key Features of TestForma – All-in-one Test Case Management Tool

Test management tool

1. Manage Your Test Plans Easily

Creating and executing test plans is a breeze with TestForma. You can easily rearrange, copy-paste, import, and export tests. With an easy and user-friendly interface, TestForma minimizes the juggle between click/touch keyboard actions without hampering test details. It is a complete test case management tool that allows you to create template test plans and execute them across different versions of applications.

Test management tool

2. Run Tests Using Your Computer

TestForma is a novel test management tool with an execution engine to pace you step by step while running a test. You can take notes and capture results at any time during test execution. No more printing test plans; just create templates, kickstart execution, and document every step to track later.
Furthermore, TestForma can work in offline mode when your internet connection is slow, unstable, or unavailable. Thus, no worries if you need to run your tests at a remote location or underground. TestForma, an all-inclusive test management software, is your trustworthy partner to get you through test execution quickly and paper-free.

Test management tool

3. Auto-Generate Your Documents

TestForma being a cutting-edge test management software can auto-generate Word, Excel, and PDF documents for your test plans. To make it the best test management tool, we add many flexible features for this purpose. For instance, you can customize the default document template for Word or Excel and add your company logo and your product information.
Additionally, you can create custom document templates of your own. Thus, your auto-generated documents can exactly match your company-internal formatting standards.

Test management tool

4. Bring Your Teams Together

TestForma boosts cross collaboration between engineering, development and QA teams to a new level. The streamlined test plan design interface facilitates updating test plans progressively throughout the product development lifecycle. The git-compatible file format allows keeping test plan design and execution results together with software implementation. That way, you can always keep your test plans up to date and consistent with evolving product features.

Streamlined Test Management Process To Boost Productivity

TestForma is a complete test case management tool that delivers a sophisticated and easy environment where the entire test management process of planning, documenting, designing, executing, and tracking can be done under one roof.

Test Estimation

Now accurately measure the time frame for every task and improve the planning, execution, and entire testing process with our test management tool.

Test Planning

Break down the test process into multiple segments to allow each member to write test cases and distribute the resources evenly across the team.

Test Execution

You can compose and run test plans; a wizard – execution engine will guide you through the test plan and execution process to help you check all cases at once.

Test Monitoring

With traditional tools, it’s very difficult to monitor test plan design and execution progress. Because these tools rarely provide a useful big picture view of status.

With TestForma, you can see the status of design and execution at any time with a couple of clicks. The execution engine automatically keeps track of progress and makes it available for view at all times. Experience the simplest and the most efficient way to manage your testing activities.

TestForma Quick Demo


TestForma Quick Demo

Test management tool
Create Test Plans*
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Test management tool
Basic version PLUS…
Unlimited Test Plans
Unlimited Aliases
Export to Word & Excel
Custom Templates
Custom Logos
Priority support


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Plus version AND…
Priority support
Test execution & tracking
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Create Test Plans1

Unlimited Aliases

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Custom Format Templates


Custom Logos


Free updates

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Test execution & tracking4



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  1. Basic version limited to three test groups.
  2. Basic version includes RobotFlux watermark on the generated pdf document.
  3. Priority support provides response to questions or issues within 24hrs. Standard support is within 2-3 business days.
  4. Feature coming soon.
  5. No credit card required.