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Functional testing is a vital part of every development process that validates the software/system functions & features against the expected specifications. Functional testing procedures exercise the features of a product to check whether the actual results meet the specified requirements to confirm the system has no issues or bugs.

Functional testing is essential because, without it, you will not be able to confirm and prove that your application/system works as expected. However, testing processes can be a huge time and resource drain for projects without the use of a proper functional testing tool. TestForma is here to help with just that! With TestForma, you can make your functional testing process fast and efficient.

Save Time And Money With TestForma – An End-to-end Functional Testing Tool

Up until a few years ago, functional testing processes didn’t usually get much attention from project planning and management. Testing was considered a mundane and predictable line item in a typical project schedule. However, things are quite different today. Products are more complex, and they are developed at an incredibly fast pace. Prototypes are fabricated rapidly and at low-cost thanks to evolving rapid prototyping technologies such as 3-D printing. And software is developed based on the agile paradigm – no more waterfall development. In such an environment, testing processes also need to be agile, flexible, and maintainable to keep up with the fast pace of the product development lifecycle. 

If functional testing is performed with traditional methods, testing becomes disproportionately expensive due to being time-consuming and inefficient. What is worse is that outdated test plans frequently fail to catch issues and bugs. This is a big risk for any organization because organizations are well-aware of how much product quality affects customer retention and brand image. TestForma solves inefficiency problems in testing processes. It is a functional testing tool that adapts testing processes to the modern-day, fast-paced product development lifecycle.

What Difference TestForma Make To Your Functional Testing?

Over many years of being at the center stage of testing complex, large-scale software and hardware systems, we realized first-hand that testing processes are cluttered and slowed down by a ton of annoying little tasks and activities that are disorganized, error-prone, and labor-intensive.  Writing hundreds (or thousands) of pages-long test plans in Word, battling with formatting issues along the way. Scrolling endlessly for just a simple copy-paste. Having to handle printed-out documents and keep them organized. Finding mistakes in the test plan and redlining the hard copy. And then scanning the redlined hard copy into a PDF only to result in an ugly, illegible, and difficult to-analyze test report. 

Does any of that sound familiar? Do you also waste many hours of precious time due to the inefficiency of testing activities? Well, you are not alone. After years of experience in tackling these challenges practically, we have designed TestForma, a functional testing tool that you can use to easily and quickly design & update your test plans, execute your tests and generate your report. TestForma is the functional testing tool you need to manage your entire test process in a centralized workspace.

Your Testing Process Just Got Fast and Hassle-Free

TestForma simplifies and speeds up functional testing using modern software technologies, removing any inefficient activities from the testing process. Considering all the challenges that testing professionals face regularly, the all-in-one functional testing tool seamlessly integrates test plan design, execution and document generation in a touch-friendly user interface. TestForma enables you to manage and record the end-to-end progress of your testing and documentation workflow. 

With TestForma, you don’t need Word or Excel to design your test plans. You don’t need to scroll through documents. You don’t need to print or scan anything. All you need to do is to design your test plan as test groups and tests and populate the steps for each test. You can execute the tests with TestForma’s execution engine and generate reports at any point. But that’s not just it. Remember we mentioned we had many years of experience in testing products and systems? Based on that, we have built in many features to boost the efficiency and flexibility of test management.

Test management tool

TestForma Features

  • Copy-pasting test groups and tests,
  • Defining alias fields to create reusable test plan templates,
  • Executing tests offline without the internet,
  • Managing multiple instances of execution (for dry runs, different versions etc.) in one workspace,
  • Customizing auto-generated reports to match company formatting standards,
  • And many more.

All the features that we used to wish we had when we tested our systems are now in TestForma and at your fingertips!

Test management tool

Plan Your Tests Your Way

We have designed TestForma in a way that enables you to outline and update your test plans with 1-to-1 correspondence to the functional components as well as I/O interface specifications of your application. The simple and fast test case authoring tool increases test coverage and test plan quality across the application.

Test management tool

Fast, Scalable, and Agile Testing

TestForma is uniquely flexible to update your test plans at any stage of your testing. You can start with just creating an outline and updating your plan anytime to stay synced with your application’s functional components and evolving features. Its adaptability to agile development processes makes TestForma the best functional testing tool in the market.

Test management tool

One-tap Change For Evolving Applications

TestForma is a modern functional testing tool designed to provide testers with efficient testing in a cost and time-efficient manner. Our modular architecture helps tremendously in adding new tests and executions throughout the product development cycle.

Test management tool

Quick Execution and Centralized Test Results

In TestForma, you can seamlessly run your tests with an execution engine that enables you to execute tests back to back or independently in a streamlined fashion. This makes test execution fast, reliable, and flexible. If a component is not available to test, just skip to the next one. TestForma will automatically keep track of your test execution status, show your progress and generate a report anytime. Let your functional testing tool work for you!

Save time, money, and efforts with a feature-rich execution engine.

Success in Functional Testing Starts With TestForma – The Leading Functional Testing Tool